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Ali scrap is a leading scrap buying store in Delhi. They buy all kinds of scraps from the customers at a fair price. It is a secured scrap buying platform which allows you to book sale pick up time via email, whatsapp, and phone number. As soon as we get your scrap selling request we will reach at your doorstep and purchase the scraps at the best rates. Our scrap heroes are experienced and talented, they will come on the scheduled date at your place free of cost and buy the scraps at a fairly pricing. Ali Scraps have years of experienced in handling all kinds of scraps 

So, if you are looking for the scrap buyer in Delhi then get in touch with us. All weights of the scraps are done with a digital weighing scale. Payments will be done through cash, e-wallets, and net banking. 

Ali Scrap is one of the most remarkable scrap stores in Delhi. It’s built on the  foundation of  trust, fair rates, transparency, 100% customers’ satisfaction. For several years, we have been dealing with scraps, like metal, newspaper, aluminum, copper, ac, plastic, books, electronics, fridge, battery, electrical, and a few more. 

Why Choose Ali Scraps?

We have immense pleasure to introduce to ourselves as the most renowned and credible scrap buyers in Delhi. No matter how far your residence from our office, if you want to sell your scraps then get in touch with us. We have a team of experienced, and attentive workers, who will reach your place within an expected time, and purchase the scraps from you effortlessly. To offer hassle-free scrap buying experience, we come with all essential tools and transport service. We don’t bother our customers to touch the scraps, our workers will do their task. We are proud to say that all customers are satisfied and happy because the service we have offered them is remarkable. 

Customers sell the scraps to declutter the space and also they get the best value of their scraps. To achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction, we provide the best value to their scraps. Whether it’s a bundle of newspaper or damaged machine, you will get the true value of your scraps at Ali Scraps. 

So, if you are looking for the best and reputed scraps buyers in Delhi then get in touch with us. Please call us now and schedule a booking. 

In order to bring transparency and professionalism in our business, the CEO of this company made customer-friendly terms and conditions. Means to make customers happy they can modify their terms and conditions as well. This company has achieved professionalism by offering training to the workers like how to behave with the customers, their duties, tasks, and most importantly how to remain fair in the business. 

Ali Scraps Offers a Great Contribution to the Environment 

By buying scraps from the customers and recycling into another way is the best way to save the planet. Ali Scrap is a true and honest scrap buyer in Delhi. With the aim to provide the best value to the customers of their scraps, they also setted another aim- Save the planet. 

Right from the newspaper, metals, plastic, to electronics, they will purchase all kinds of scraps from you and are ready to pay the best value for them. 

As prominent and trustworthy scrap buyers in Delhi, we believe in transparency and good deeds. We achieve transparency by paying the best value of the scraps to the customers, and good deeds by recycling the scraps in the best way. 

Meet With our Team 

  • They are highly talented, polite, hard working, and attentive workers. To retain the brand image of the Ali Scrap positive in the market, they always do their task with full dedication and honesty. 
  • All thanks to their efforts and professionalism that have taken our scrap business to the next level. Surviving in this competitive market is very difficult, but our workers have made it easier for us. 
  • In case, if you have any query or want to schedule an appointment, you can dial Ali Scraps number and share your queries. One of our professionals is readily available to listen to you. 

Ali Scraps Buying Services:

We buy all types of scraps like :

Office and home furniture scraps: Ali Scraps purchase furniture scraps from the home and office at bulk quantity. Right from the table, chairs, partition, windows to doors, we are ready to give best value for the furniture scraps. 

Ferrous and Non Ferrous MetalsAli scraps buy ferrous and non ferrous metals in Delhi. Whether you want to sell demolished vehicles, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper then get in touch with us. 

Electronic scrapsOur scrap buying services are not limited to furniture and metals, we also buy damaged or unworking electronic items from the customers and provide the best value. In electronic scraps we purchase AC, TV, Inverter, Washing Machine, Printer, Fax machine, and few more. 

Old Paper and PlasticAli scraps also buy old paper and plastic in Delhi. We have the capacity to buy all kinds of old newspapers and plastic at the best rates. 

What is our Process of Buying Scraps?

  • Ali scraps' process of buying scraps is straightforward. 
  • First you need to book an appointment by dialing our number, text on the whatsapp or email us. 
  • As soon as we get your appointment request we will review it and instruct our workers to reach at your doorstep on the scheduled date 
  • Keep all the scraps in front of workers and they will measure the weight with a digital weight machine. And calculate the price as per the weight 
  • You can release the payment via cash, net banking, and e-wallet 
  • Once we get your payment we will load all the scraps into the transport vehicle. 
  • Happy to have you as a customer!!

So, this is our scrap buying process. If you are looking for a reputed scrap buyer in Delhi, please call us now.

You can call us on (+91) 9810480446

Our Mission

We aim towards bringing technologically advanced but environmental friendly solutions that can help communities and businesses to become sustainable.