Computer Scrap

Computer Scrap


Don’t leave your computers in an idle state if they are not working. Sell them to the computer scrap buyers in Delhi like Ali Scraps. They will give you the best prices of your scraps. You don’t need to come to our company to sell your computer scraps. At your one call one of our workers will reach at your doorstep and buy the scraps from you. So, if you are seeking for the trustworthy and honest computer scrap buyer in Delhi then get in touch with us. We have a team of hardworking workers who don’t bother our customer to lift up a single instrument. Right from measuring the weight, calculating the prices to keeping them into a transport vehicle they will do their task effortlessly. 

In Delhi there are plenty of computer scrap buyers. But we are the one that offers the highest price for the scraps. Our major criteria to get the highest prices for the scraps is that they are clean and dry. So, if you have computers, keyboards, UPS and printers that are totally useless then sell them to the scrap buyer, Ali Scraps, and get the best prices for them. 

We purchase all brands of computers. And ready to give the best prices of them. We are authorized and reliable computer scrap buyers in Delhi. We are purchasers of all kinds of computers and their peripherals, like printers, USP, keyboard, and mouse. Call us if you need any assistant to sell e-waste. 

Ali Scraps has been serving its clients for several years. To offer a happy scrap selling experience, we always try to make a fair deal, which is not only profitable for us but also for them. We strive to work hard and fair to retain the relationship longer with the customers. So, if you want to declutter your office space by selling the computer and its peripherals then get in touch with us.

What is best in us?
• We always give the better value of the computer scraps.
• Our scraps picking transport service is free. 
• We buy all kinds of computer scraps from the customers.
• We confidently tell you that you have come to the right place to sell your computer scraps.
• Trustworthy computer scrap dealer in Delhi.

You can call us on (+91) 9810480446