Furniture Scrap

Furniture Scrap


Ali Scrap store service is not limited to newspapers, e-waste, and old book scraps, we also buy furniture scraps from the customers at the best rates. If you want to sell the furniture scraps at the best rates then get in touch with us. Our mission is to recycle the furniture and use it in the best possible way. So, if you have furniture scraps, which are just taking an unnecessary space in your space then dial our number and book an appointment. As soon as we get your service request, we will schedule an appointment, and instruct our workers to send the workers at your doorstep. 

At Ali Scrap Store we have a transparent working policy. That means, the price we will set is fair and profitable. We only purchase clean and dry wooden scraps from the customers. If you have then get in touch with us. We buy all kinds of used furniture and provide the best price of it. 

Whether you want to sell your used tables, chairs, sofas, or bed, Ali Scrap Store is the one stop place for you. We are committed to provide you the best rates for your furniture scraps. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need our furniture scrap services. 

Ali Scrap collects all kinds of wooden furniture from offices and residential space. So, if you want to sell out your damaged furniture which is clean and dry then dial our number and book an appointment. 

What is best in us?
• We always give the better value of the furniture scraps.
• Our scraps picking transport service is free. 
• We buy all kinds of e-waste scraps from the customers.
• We confidently tell you that you have come to the right place to sell your furniture scraps.
• Trustworthy furniture scrap dealer in Delhi.

You can call us on (+91) 9810480446